Hannibull World Presents First Ever Film Review Comedy Show


Two childhood friends from Brooklyn, NYC Hannibull and Ayana “YaYa” Ellis, have found a niche by bringing together their parallel lives in entertainment, as a rapper and the other as a six time author by creating Quiet On The Set (The Bull And YaYa Show). A barred commentary on everyone’s favorite films, tv shows, and scenes the two have taken the media world by storm.   Their next initiative, Film Review Comedy Show, will be taking place June 20, 2017 at the  Raleigh Studios located in the heart of Hollywood. Red Carpet starts @ 7PM with invitees including Michael Blackson (Comedian), Tika Sumpter (Actress), Alice MacDonald (Actress),  and Kristen West (Reality Star).  Attendees will be treated to sets from Melissa Strong, Juhahn Jones, Kamra White, and Davell Taylor.




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Sing for Hope by The Bronx Photo League

I recently made my way out for Sing for Hope in Joyce Kilmer Park on 161st and the Grand Concourse, where I had the pleasure of chatting it up with Trevon Blondet, who grew up in this very neighborhood and is now taking the opportunity to tell the story of the neighborhood that he holds so dear to his heart through photography, along with members of The Bronx Photo League.

When you see the finished product, you may never know all the work that went into creating the final masterpiece that currently resides in the park. 40 portraits started it all, which then grew to 80 portraits, which were put into a book. These were the images used for the Sing for Hope piano. From there, Blondet went on to strategize how to place the portraits in the most advantageous ways. He explained, “I didn’t want to highlight a specific photo.” Starting from the back of the piano, the safest place because it’s the least exposed, he began to lay the groundwork for

Trevon Blondett pictured with volunteers

the tiling of the portraits. He measured everything out and came up with a plan of 3.5, 4.5, & 8.5 prints to cover the piano canvas over the different spaces. Laser jet prints were printed then applied with Mod Podge and finally glossed to bring back the vitality of the photos.

Aside from the very obvious technical focus to create a successful piece, Blondet clearly put as much of his heart into it as he did his mind. “I grew up here, Concourse Village…The Bronx is a great place to live and so I want to show other people, the products from all those people that grew up here,” Blondet shared.

During my visit, I also had the pleasure of speaking to Canaan Parker who sat down at the piano to play his interpretation of the images conveyed. Parker’s father was a resident

Kfhox with Canaan Parker

of the neighborhood and he shared some of his very personal memories of taking his father, who was wheelchair bound to various places in the area. Parker, who now resides on the lower west side of Manhattan, lit up talking about his cherished memories of his father who lived right on the Grand Concourse directly across from the piano. He was equally joyous as he shared his experience at the piano. He was so moved by the energy that the images portrayed and his playing reflected that.

The Bronx Photo League‘s piano will be in the park until June 26th. Trevon has invited everyone to come take a photo or video of you at the piano and tag him in the photo/video. His Instagram is @blackblondimages and you can find him as Trevon Blondet on Facebook.

“If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop.” 


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The Digilogue Series Thought Panel: The Digital A&R

This Thursday, a packed room of young up-and-coming artists, managers, entrepreneurs, and the like filled Wix Lounge to engage in a thought provoking and insightful Q&A with today’s taste makers in music. Moderated by Revolt TV‘s own Erin Simon, the panel included Saint Harraway (Republic Records), Kristan McCann (RCA), Robin Johnson (The Takeovah), Danielle Middleton (Sony ATV), & Chen Lo (Soul Science Lab) curated by Blank Label and Kulchah.  The panelists started by introducing themselves, with many of them echoing the same truth of following a “winding road” to lead them to their current respective positions. 

Erin Simon, no stranger to creating great content, got straight to the heart of the matter and began asking questions that were thankfully outside of the realm of typical surface questions asked at many similar panels, providing the audience with ample gems from each panelist throughout the night. Publishing, licensing, & syncing were some of the buzz words from the panel, encouraging artists and managers to look beyond becoming a superstar and focusing more on the notion of becoming a long-time money-earning artist and creator.

Questions like, “How should artists approach an A&R?” were broached by Simon, giving the panelists an opportunity to shed light on the best way to approach the seemingly untouchables of labels. “Everything is a relationship,” was emphasized by Saint Harraway of Republic Records, who explained the true importance of culminating genuine and lasting relationships within music. And sometimes the answers came in the form of questions from the panelists, such as Chen Lo asking, “What are you going to do to differentiate yourself?” 

Chen Lo, KFhox, & Saint Harraway

The Takeovah’s Robin Johnson explained that, “A no is not always a no,” and offered encouragement to artists on the rise that you can’t always take a no for face value. She also offered great advice for artists looking to get blog placements and genuine feedback on their music.

The audience was given an opportunity to “Ask Digilogue” to close out the panel and Simon took to Twitter to select some of the questions posed by attendees. Check out the hashtag #AskDigilogue to find some of the questions asked by the members of the audience. You can find playback of the panel on Wix Lounge‘s Facebook page who was streaming live during the event.

You can also visit @OfficialKFhox on Twitter to catch highlights of the wisdom shared by these thought leaders and be sure to follow @TheDigilogue on Instagram & Twitter to find out about their upcoming panels and events. As an avid attender of events and panels, I highly

WHIHH Chief Blogger KFhox at Wix Lounge

suggest getting to know The Digilogue, who is offering something beyond the typical things you already know by people you already know. Their access to true decision makers and thought leaders who are willing to be transparent truly sets them apart from many of the panels I’ve previously attended.

“If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop.”


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